BUG Match

November 25, 2018 from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Bug Match (BACK UP GUN)
The match will be ruled loosely by IDPA rules with some slight idiosyncrasies by Match Director L.T.  Six stages, 3 strings per stage. Shooters will need 90 rounds for the match.  All stages will start from low ready or gun will be staged. No drawing from holster.  Handguns permitted in this match must:  Be single or double action.  Be either pistol or revolver.  Be .32 auto or larger.  Have a barrel length for Semi-automatic, 3.8 inches or less.   Revolvers, 3 inch or less.  Maximum (total) number of rounds that may be loaded into handgun is five (5).
Please preregister online at: ​https://practiscore.com/november-bug-2018/register

$25 Non-Members / $20 Members